ABBAout us

  • On this page you can find interesting information abbaout us!

  • We can offer up to 120 minutes of fully costumed high quality ABBA performance!

  • We are “plug and play” crew who brings all necessary equipment for the show. We have all instruments, microphones, stands, monitors and mixing console and our technical rider list is mostly empty!
  • We can offer up to 120 minutes of ABBA stRINGs show! In this show 7 members band performs the greatest ABBA hits accompanied by a string octet!

  • The ABBA RING project is made of educated and experienced musicians. We gathered with a common goal to bring hits of once a very popular band closer to today’s audience. With the original performance, costumes and choreography, the band completely portrays the atmosphere and the spirit of the ABBA live concerts!

  • If you want to find more about us don’t hesitate to contact us!
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