The ABBA stRINGs show aims to brighten up ABBA’s well-known hits and give them a symphonic undertone. It’s good to know that beside the seven ABBA RING members, a string octet also participates in the performance of the songs. Must be remembered, the strings octet from ABBA stRINGs project is the part of the “Muzikon” symphonic orchestra from Belgrade, Serbia. 


In this show version ABBA RING can offer up to 105 minutes of performance. Waterloo, Mamma Mia, Money Money, Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme and many more hits are included in the setlist! 


You can check how it sounds and looks in the promo video from the concert in the Botanical Garden, Belgrade. More than 1,700 visitors attended this show in September 2023. Next ABBA stRINGs show will be in Novi Sad on New Year’s eve at 20.23h.

Evidently, this form of show is very interesting and popular lately. It sounds and looks monumental and in the same time is much easier to organize compared to show with full symphonic orchestra. It is good to know that ABBA RING strives to be a reliable partner to all associates. Thanks to the Full Production company we can also offer stage, audio and video production for this show! Full Production company will completely cover our 2024 tour with 21 shows in a row in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. If you are interested in this kind of show please contact us!